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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-10
Attract you to participate and complete, good reputation in the event? Intimate arena service? There is another important factor that cannot be ignored, that is-the exquisite finish medal! For runners, every finish is a hearty carnival, and every medal is a medal full of passion, sweat and happiness. Therefore, high-value and creative medals often become the favorite of runners and the finishing touch of the entire event! Don't worry, there is a more unique piece here! That was the finish on June 2, 2019, the 2019 Lanzhou International Marathon finish medal! It got rid of the traditional shape, based on the Lanzhou waterwheel as the prototype, with inlaid inner and outer rings. The outer ring pattern of the medal is derived from the elements of Lanzhou Majiayao colored pottery. The inner ring is a rotatable waterwheel. The bottom is dotted with waves, symbolizing the endless Yellow River culture. While showing the long cultural history of Lanzhou, it also keeps the Yellow River rushing. The majestic momentum is cleverly integrated into it. In order to meet the individual medal needs of the vast number of runners, we encourage more citizens to participate in the running team. In the design of marathon medals, Nubo combines the regional customs of each city, and can embellish the city-style artistic, cultural, historical and other impression cards, which expresses the respect of the Nubo people for the regional culture, the respect for the runners, and the production craftsmanship. It is meticulous piety. After each marathon, the excitement at the moment the runners get their medals is a compliment to us, the greatest encouragement to us, and the driving force for us to move forward. We will not forget our original intention and move forward!
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