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Medal in making, gold-plated, silver plating, nickel plating, which is better?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-20
Generally speaking, in the medal making factory work friends all know, many guests will be asked to gold MEDALS, and gold MEDALS are usually luster, in addition, the gold medal, there is also a class and a lot of people will often wondered whether the real gold plating. The graph is: real gold medal custom custom MEDALS can actually plated gold, real gold plating is usually divided into 18 k gold, 20 k and 24 k gold, the real effect will be better, bright color and strong metal feeling, and important is not easy to be oxidized, it is especially easy to keep. But relatively speaking, the price is much higher, so most of the customers or imitation gold plating. In addition, the crossbow Po handicraft can also according to the surface glossiness is divided into the highlights and dumb gold, also called bright gold highlights, dumb gold is also known as pearl gold. Generally speaking, compared with gold, and metallic color is a little less, but for ordinary MEDALS, this is a good choice. The graph is: silver MEDALS to customize the graph is: nickel plated custom MEDALS and MEDALS in making, there is a silver plated process, but rarely used plating, this is because the nature of the metal silver is lively, very easy to form oxidation is grey, black, so the color effect is not very good. Price is also very high, so the silver plating is not a not suitable for the actual choice, therefore the MEDALS in making most of them prefer to use nickel plating to achieve bright silver MEDALS effect, and the use of nickel plating, more than the silver plating costs are relatively low, at the same time characteristics are much more stable. Crossbow crafts professional manufacturers' MEDALS, whether you are want to make real gold plated MEDALS, plating imitation gold medal, silver medal, nickel plated MEDALS, we all can do, as long as the price you can accept! We are not a problem, warmly welcome new and old customers call advisory! 86 - 579 - 85596776
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