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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-30
For a long time, marathon medals are the glory that runners pursue. A city, a marathon, and a medal seem to be the focus of our runners. From this city to another city, when the marathon medals we won are all over the map of the motherland, we will find that I have traveled all over the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. This is a sense of accomplishment! Friends who often run marathons will encounter this situation and have won a lot of honors. They also chose representative and good-looking marathon medals to be displayed on the medal wall. However, due to improper storage methods, the surface of the medals was oxidized. This will affect the beauty of the entire medal. How should we maintain and care for the medal at this time to make it look brand new? The reasons for the oxidation of the marathon medals are nothing more than the following: 1. Expose the medals to the humid air, especially during the southern return to the southern sky. The air is very humid and there is a lot of rain. 2. Frequently touch the medals directly with your hands. Because of the sweat stains on your hands, the sweat stains will directly contact the medals and accelerate its oxidation. 3. Use a rag to clean up the dust on the medals in good faith, but the way is wrong, let the rags covered with water stains touch the medals to oxidize them. These three are very common causes of medal oxidation. So how do we maintain the marathon medals? Marathon medal manufacturer-Nubbo will provide you with professional answers: For the problem of medal oxidation, we need to prescribe the right medicine, from the following points: 1. Place a dazzling array of medals in a dry environment. 2. Do not touch the medal directly with your hands, but wear clean white gloves to touch it. 3. To clean up the dust on the medals, use a dry and clean soft cloth. The correct way to deal with dust on the medals with grooves is to use a small vacuum cleaner. Do not blow with your mouth, it is unhygienic and easy to spray saliva into it.
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