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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-15
Yue Sports, Yue Health, 2020 Jieyang Power Supply Bureau National Fitness Sports Commemorative Medal is very unique, let's explain the process of its production: The process of medal customization is: Zinc alloy die-casting + electroplating + baking paint process This medal is not golden The appearance maintains the original metallic luster of the zinc alloy and uses electroplated nickel color. The front of the medal is marked with the theme of the event, the logo of the China Southern Power Grid and the high-voltage line tower, and the surrounding is surrounded by orange and dark blue paint, which fully shows the image of the Southern Power Grid people. The size of the medal is: 79.3 * 72 mm. The thickness of the medal is: 5 mm. The weight of the medal is: 121.36 g. The webbing is also woven from dark blue and orange. It corresponds to the color of the medal and blends with each other, symbolizing the people of China Southern Power Grid. Work and life are harmonious and colorful.
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