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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-05
This is a story about love in a marathon, and the protagonist is my friend. He is a taciturn person, and recently he told me that a certain girl is very nice. 'I think she is very good.' According to my understanding of this friend, the meaning of this sentence can be transformed into 'I like her'. After all, he never commented on girls, or even mentioned girls, or did not mention them anyone. He is a silent and autistic man. As for how he became friends with me, this is another story, we will talk about it later. One day he told me that he was going to participate in a marathon because that girl also participated in this marathon. He, who has never liked sports, would go to a marathon? What changed him? 'She likes marathons very much, and I think I want to try too.' My friend explained to me. In the next three months, I rarely saw him in person, only the daily check-in in the circle of friends. What is left is perseverance and perseverance covered in sweat. This made me know him again! Those who persist in working hard will be rewarded in the end. When I stood at the end of the marathon and saw him finally finish the race after 5 hours and 49 minutes, I was shocked. The marathon is an impossible event for ordinary people, but driven by love, he did it. In the end, they all got the finishing medals, the golden medals glowing with the luster of victory, especially dazzling in the sun. The protagonist is naturally this sweet couple. 'It feels great to complete an exercise with her!' He said with a slightly curled mouth. 'Next, I will run marathons in various regions with her and collect more marathon medals to witness our love.' He continued. This may be the best company for this girl. In the blink of an eye, it is ten years. I work in Beijing and my friend works in Wuhan. Once on a business trip to Wuhan, I stopped by to visit his house. What caught my eye was the marathon medals hanging on the wall of honor, and they were still shiny. Unexpectedly, this kid really did it! Completed 21 full marathons and 43 half marathons in ten years. The most conspicuous is still the first marathon medal ten years ago. 'For so many years, this medal has been preserved so well.' I said. 'Well, refer to the medal preservation tips written by Nubo, and just do it.' My friend said. Looking at the wedding photos hanging on the medal honor wall, and then looking at the finishing medals around the wedding photos, this may be the longest company. Related Searches: Medal Custom Manufacturers
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