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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-08
What kind of rubbish are you? This sentence has recently become popular in the media circle of friends. Since Shanghai implemented waste classification legislation, it has been widely controversial. As everyone knows, foreign Japan has developed the habit of garbage sorting, which makes Japan's environment very good, which also prepares the preconditions for Japan to compete for international competitions. No, the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan. This kind of international competition is very lively. Of course, the investment is quite large, not only in the construction of publicity, but also part of the Olympic medals. Recently, I learned through the company’s Japanese customers that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics medals were made out of rubbish, which is simply incredible! Let’s take a look at the details: it turns out that the Japanese people usually took them out of broken electronic devices, such as old mobile phones, cameras, and laptops. How much gold, silver and copper are there on these devices? According to expert analysis: a mobile phone contains about 0.05g of gold, 0.26g of silver, and 12.6g of copper. The gold content on the notebook computer motherboard is basically more than 10 times that of the mobile phone. The Organizing Committee of the International Olympic Games requires a gold medal with a gold content of 6g or more, which is basically equivalent to 120 mobile phones. In order to reduce costs, Japan called on its citizens across the country to recycle useless electronic equipment. With the promotion of the government, it quickly established 1,000 donation centers across the country, which had a very good effect in a short time, and collected 500 in a short time. Ten thousand. According to the customer, the materials have been collected so far, and the rest is processed and refined. I didn't expect the Tokyo Olympics medals to be made out of rubbish, but this approach can be highly praised. After all, this environmentally friendly and economical approach is very worth learning, and it can also increase the sense of participation of the general public. Related Searches: Customized Competition Medals
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