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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-08
A good medal is not only related to medal design, mold, and die-casting, but there is also a factor that cannot be ignored, which is electroplating. There is an old Chinese saying that people depend on clothes and beauty depends on pretty clothes. This sentence is not only applied to us human beings, but also to many things. The competition medals and marathon medals that we usually see are all wrapped in different appearance colors, which makes the metal color that should be cold and enthusiastic, and also makes us love it. How did the gold, silver, and bronze color of the medal surface come about? The editor of Nubo will take you to understand those things about medal plating! Gold-plated medals: Gold is the most familiar to us. It has the characteristics of soft texture, good ductility, and good stability. When electroplating gold is an alloy, various colors such as red gold, gold, cyan gold, and platinum can be plated with changes in composition. Among the gold compounds, gold trichloride is yellow, sodium gold is yellow, and gold sulfide is black. Various cyanide gold plating processes are mainly used, but some cyanide-free or low-cyanide plating solutions are also useful, such as sulfurous acid. Salt plating, citrate plating, etc. Medal silver plating: Silver is easy to polish, has a beautiful silvery white color, and is chemically stable, but its surface is very easy to react with sulfides and chlorides in the atmosphere and change color. The main process of silver plating is cyanide silver plating. Since the potential of silver is very positive, the replacement layer appears in the simple salt bath, which affects the bonding force between the plating layer and the substrate. However, cyanide is restricted due to its highly toxic properties, and the process of cyanide-free silver plating is still of great significance, such as sulfosalicylic acid silver plating and many other cyanide-free plating. Copper-plated medals: Copper is a metal with a purplish red luster, good ductility, easy to process and make alloys. Copper plating is mainly divided into two categories: alkaline copper plating and acid copper plating. Alkaline copper plating is generally non-cyanide copper plating, mainly including pyrophosphate copper plating, citrate copper plating, HEDP (hydroxyethylene diphosphoric acid) copper plating, etc. The weak alkaline copper plating in these baths has the ability to disperse Copper plating is better than cyanide, but with a better brightener, a fine crystalline and bright plating layer can be obtained. Acid copper plating is mainly sulfate copper plating. Commercial brighteners are now commonly used to obtain high-brightness coatings, which are widely used in decorative electroplating and electronic electroplating. Medal nickel plating: Nickel has high hardness, good plasticity, can be attracted by magnets, nickel has high chemical stability, is not easy to be oxidized in the air, and is resistant to strong alkalis. In addition to being used as alloys, stainless steel, coinage, electrodes and catalysts, a very important use of nickel is electroplating. The popular nickel plating process is based on the sulfate nickel plating solution called Watt Nickel. Medal tin plating: Tin is a silver-white metal with very soft texture. Tin has high chemical stability. Tin plating is also divided into two categories: alkaline tin plating and acid tin plating. Alkaline tin plating is tetravalent tin plating, and the temperature of the plating solution is relatively high. Acid tin plating is mainly sulfate tin plating, which is divalent tin tin plating. Bright additives for acid tin plating are very important. Without additives, a qualified coating will not be obtained. The above is about the process of medal plating, you can refer to it.
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