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Metal badge material how to choose?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-15
On the market, as the badge making use of the material is more, gold has a beautiful beautiful colour and lustre, badge is made of high-grade choice, followed by silver, copper, stainless steel, iron, etc. , these prices are not high, more economic, such as plastic, acrylic, organic glass, PVC soft rubber etc. Nonmetal materials can also be used to make badges, badge is not afraid of water characteristics of non-metallic materials, so the role in our daily life is also very extensive. Metal material is often used during the manufacture of the badges, metal badge is to use copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver metal materials, such as after a certain badge process is made and be become. In addition to the different characteristics of the metal, also according to the colour and lustre and various metal collocation of different metal production, to create more badges. Badge collection value more and more highlighted in recent years, especially this made of metal badges and MEDALS, but also become the mainstream of the present badges, such as high-grade badge of enamel badges and imitation enamel badges, badge and the lacquer that bake, and made the iron price is relatively cheap metal badges, badge production are these main selection object. In this paper, by crossbow technology jun original information, reprint please indicate the source: http://www. ysgou。 Com, badges of custom hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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