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Metal badge worn originally so pay attention to?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-15
Metal badge worn originally so pay attention to? Metal badges as a kind of light small adorn article, it can be used as an identity, brand identity, some important memorial and gift promotion activities, etc. , also tend to wear badges as way. To master the correct way of wearing badges, not only is related to your identity, and is related to your etiquette image. So, there is a badge worn cultured, today we are going to talk about wearing badges. Often see activity participants wearing a conference badge, badge is a sign of identity difference, different professions and different social status to wear badges, or some students wearing a cartoon badge, you know not to know, also have exquisite, badge worn a badge worn by the right, not only embodies the identity of your logo, and embodies the etiquette image of you. To some extent, the badge is the sign of the difference between identity, different occupation, status will wear badges, let a person see the be clear at a glance. Badges are usually worn in the position of the left breast, but some such as conference badge is worn on the collar of a suit, while the armband, collar has a relatively fixed position. When wearing badges to pay attention to the size and weight of badges, such as badges comparison and requirements to increase the thorn needle, in case the badge drops; Some small and light badge, can match the magnet stick, also avoid the clothes horse left thorn on the pinhole. Also note when wearing badges and clothing color is tie-in. When pregnant women and children wearing badges, use magnet accessories as far as possible, so as not to hurt the skin. To form a good habit badge to wear, let you every day is full of wonderful.
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