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Metal badges custom don't know what to choose process? Crossbow to tell you

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-26
Our common metal badge what are the main custom, our small make up today about the simple introduce us all to badge customization of five kinds of types and characteristics of the process. Enamel raw materials: copper ( Copper) Into the color material: enamel powder enamel another beautiful name is called 'cloisonne,' real name is copper wire inlay enamel, enamel process widely used in metal badges, monuments, commemorative COINS, and a variety of craft ornaments processing production, its glaze through continuous high temperature furnace baking, surface show metal gloss and hardness, like the simple sense and colour and lustre like jewelry and jade article, very delicate. True enamel production time consuming work, high cost, is a high-end color process. Common: army, state organs badges and special commemorative meaning, to save for a long time of badges, commemorative COINS and MEDALS, imitation ( Soft) Enamel raw materials: copper, iron into the color material: resin class fake enamel is also called soft enamel metal badges, imitation enamel and color paste ( Resin) Is developed by foreign experts coloring material, selection of tonal on also involve the enamel is varied, have gradually replace real enamel and the popular. Surface can be gold-plated, nickel plating and other kinds of metal color, smooth and exquisite, give a person a kind of very noble experience false enamel texture and luster can do similar true enamel, offer more true enamel, also had a shorter delivery time. Common in: applied to the company's high-grade badge customization, high-grade COINS, high-grade badge collection and commemorative MEDALS copper paint raw materials: copper into the color material: copper commemorative badges of the lacquer that bake of the lacquer that bake was slightly lower than the price of the enamel and enamel badge. The making process of the copper of the lacquer that bake with enamel & amp; Fake enamel is similar, only the color is the application of the lacquer that bake. Product surface has a remarkable stereo feeling, strong metallic luster, texture clear, colour is gorgeous, common in: do in high-grade badge, MEDALS, commemorative COINS, key chain products, etc. Widely used in the company and some social groups collection of commemorative badges. Metal coloring materials: copper, bronze, iron, aluminum feels strong, all kinds of decorative pattern design sense, reflect the color of the plating, if hollows in the process of making the metal add sandblasting processing or put the processing technology, such as sand + spray paint will make our products compared to the concave and convex have send more significant compared with light fog. Precipitated by product without fill color plating on the surface of the corresponding shorter production cycle show form can diversify, bright color is gold plated, nickel, silver; Ancient tone of the ancient silver, ancient gold, ancient bronze, ancient copper and sand is sand Ding Jin, sand nickel etc were performed. In common: high-end user type in large quantities of metal badges, MEDALS, commemorative COINS, key chain and other products used more screen printing materials: copper, stainless iron, aluminum into the color material: printing ink printing is commonly made the film print, printing. No finished product surface concave and convex metal line, no metal gear line between color and color. Printing and lithographic ( Also known as color printing) And screen printing. If color number clearly is a general designation of screen printing, visual effect is gradually layer can't count the color of the said flat print. Under a lot of the time are all added polly ( Drops of glue) Key, in order to be able to protect uv printing ink from the scratch, also make the finished product luster have brightness smooth. Screen printing product relatively thinner thickness, simple production methods of making corresponding shorter time; Edge can be based on customer requirements to determine whether there is a metal edge. Is multifarious design needs to be properly reflects the design details of the emblem is to be the best choice for printing in: suitable for large-scale promotion of commemorative gifts
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