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Metal badges plating color will never rub off

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-16
Metal badges plating color will never rub off? Our common metal badge is materials such as iron, copper, zinc alloy, upscale elegant look, the surface must be electrodeposited coating, plating is protection at the same time. Common with gold plating color, pearl nickel, bronze, ancient bronze, rose gold and so on. Metal badges plating color will never rub off? For gold, the gold is expensive, only the customer need to use a special note of gold when can we give real gold plating. Other general common gold plating, neither easy oxidation rub off as imitation gold, also won't like real gold price is too expensive. Fade in general there are three reasons: one is the underlying is bad, gold-plated should use the render, silver plated copper plating or nickel plating render will change color, because the copper or nickel can spread to the gold layer. 2 it is gold plated layer is too thin is too thin. Three is no pure water thoroughly clean. Metal products more easily oxidation fade in damp environment, so, if the customer use undeserved, for example, had just finished washing hands, hands are a fool on water damage or hand to touch, rub the metal badge, I believe it is a good plating and giving customers knead touch pinched. General badge on the chest or is packed in a box not to play with him, plating color is not quickly. So a product can be used for a long time, not only is the quality of the product itself, the user if proper maintenance is also very important. Come up to ask some customers is absolutely won't rub off, we are unable to guarantee never rub off, it's just a matter of time length. Right as long as used properly, the collection way, a qualified metal badges ensure don't rub off time is generally not rub off within 2 years. Some customers said that two years later don't rub off is very ugly, don't discard it, actually think carefully, silver gold commemorative COINS issued by national specified oxidation discoloration, moreover is common material metal badge? Not a commemorative COINS and MEDALS, we do what we do is a metal badge, it is mainly used for conference and exhibition, the bonus gift timeliness
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