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Metal craft gift species introduction and classification

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-19
Metal craft gift species introduction and classification of the metal craft gift is one of the gift industry branch, is material and named. Its everyone understood as: the material for metal gifts for metal craft gifts, metal crafts gifts, up from different use function and use method to distinguish, can be divided into the following categories: metal badges class ( Also called metal badges) , badge, MEDALS MEDALS, tags, key chain, cap badge, button, belt buckle, cufflinks class. Tie clip, ashtrays, bottle opener, signs, Ming edition, nag, class, class hat clip and other categories. Because my knowledge is limited, temporarily can only illustrate the above types, is incorrect, please include a lot. Metal craft gift in badge industry one of the most common process has the following kinds: 1. According to the practice and production process is divided into: all metal, paint, paint + polly ( Drops of glue) False, enamel, Also called flat bake) , bite plate, plate printing ( Also called four-color printing) , screen printing, fake enamel + screen printing, pad printing. 2. According to the material: zinc alloy die casting; Pressure, blunt ( Copper, iron, aluminum, stainless iron, stainless steel) , bite plate ( Copper, iron, aluminum, stainless iron, stainless steel) , lithography ( Copper, aluminum, stainless iron) Let me according to the different material which is suitable for different technology supply as a reference, deficiency also please understanding. 1. Zinc alloy: suitable for die casting metal ( Such as MEDALS) False, paint, enamel, paint + polly ( Drops of glue) , pad printing, screen printing, common products are: badges, Badge) , MEDALS MEDALS ( 2 d, 3 d effect) , bottle opener, ashtray, 2 d effect) , golf fork, commemorative COINS, tags, buttons, belt buckle, etc. , do the most is: false enamel badges. 2. Copper, : suitable for punching metal, the lacquer that bake, fake enamel, paint + polly ( Drops of glue) , pad printing, screen printing, lithography. Common products include: badges ( Badge) Fork, golf, commemorative COINS, nag, and signs, Ming edition, cap clip, wallet, tie clips, cuff links, buttons, etc. Do the most is: false enamel badges, working number. Wallet, tie clip. 3. Stamping iron: applicable to all metal, badges of the lacquer that bake, + polly (of the lacquer that bake Drops of glue) , pad printing, screen printing, common products include golf fork, commemorative COINS, Game currency) , cap clip, bottle opener. Do the most is: badges of the lacquer that bake, working number. Hat clips, bottle opener. 4. Aluminum: suitable for stamping metal, Ming edition, lithographic printing. This kind of material are suitable for making the tag, dog tag, this kind of material is qualitative light, low cost, but easy to oxidation. Do the most is: dog tag. There is a unique process: bite plate ( Corrosion) This process applies to do: painting, painting + polly ( Drops of glue) Do most is badge, nag,, bookmarks, tags, dog tags, Ming edition.
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