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Metal honorary MEDALS according to custom, more to the quality, and the real!

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-13
Series of the medal of honor customer always pay attention to a clean, smooth surface of a product design standard & ndash; — He is a good, high quality prototype can be a display of a product, also can be the early version of the sample. Using prototype can provide a more intuitive perspective to observe the product design, and want to let a person see update full of bright spot, it can improve customer namely visual feeling and touch feeling, don't have to waste customers' special and badge factory too much time and energy. Honorary MEDALS, mainly is awarded to outstanding or or group make a great contribution to the team or company of an honorary MEDALS, of course, the MEDALS are a lot of kinds, with metal prize CARDS, including metal MEDALS and points now die MEDALS, MEDALS are usually sent to the student, now or mass customization, send some souvenirs, which is divided into: jin card, silver and bronze MEDALS, not die now gave you talk about today class of custom-made metal MEDALS, need to open mould of metal MEDALS, to share the first medal after making rendering crossbow. Customize a honorary MEDALS demand provide clear design renderings, clearly marked with feet inches, craft material, the approach to be clear at a glance, so even if the new draft plans, badge manufacturer also can quickly determine whether can make, and in view of the professional industry knowledge to give reasonable proposal and the price, so it saves a lot of unnecessary communication, save time and work progress. Generally after both parties confirm the rendering, manufacturers will open mold proofing, proofing cycle is 5 - After seven days and seven days, crossbow MEDALS making factory will be out of the sample, after customer confirm OK, you can take the next step of product production. Can be seen as shown in figure product is electroplating gold MEDALS, put sand, thick, have qualitative feeling, not of high-end atmosphere, often is the activities of MEDALS first issued by the manufacturer, welcome calls to map customization, made the national hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776, may also directly contact the crossbow, salesman, manager zhang - 13712977883 Ms & ndash; Is your travel badge, judicial badge, emblem of purchasing the entire class closest advisers - - - All rights reserved: http://www. ysgou。 Com, reprint please indicate the source, thank you!
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