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Metal MEDALS do? Metal badges manufacturer to tell you

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-13
Metal MEDALS do? Metal badge manufacturers tell you over the past few years, a medal collection value more and more high, the copper is the preferred metal MEDALS, this kind of metal material is relatively soft, it is to use more material, metal MEDALS made metal MEDALS appearance beautiful, the metal MEDALS do? What process? Yao can hardware with you take a look at. Design draft medal of (1). With the popularization of computer technology, computer drawing replaces manual painting. (2). The platens on heat treatment of die installation, often turn design pressure, such as different MEDALS of copper or iron production material. (3) flow. Used to make cutting die, the products according to its shape, product rushed down with a punch press. (4) polishing. Rushing down the knife mould products in the polishing machine polishing, get rid of stamping burr, improve the product's finish. 5) welding medal accessories. The products with soldering welding on the back of the medal standard parts or accessories requirements of the customer. 6 MEDALS for plating and coloring. Can according to customer's requirement to electroplating of MEDALS, gold-plated, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, etc. , and then to coloring of MEDALS, according to the requirements of customers? On the color, high temperature baking, to strengthen the color fastness. Through this step, a complete meet the requirements of the guests a medal was made. All landowners' MEDALS mold. To put in the computer design draft import carved machine application in mold sculpture, good dao road to pay attention to in the process of carving knife thickness, good time according to the figure after comparing the mold is there missing. Finally, the mold heat treatment to strengthen the mold hardness and durability. Today to make a good MEDALS for packaging according to customer's requirements. Packaging general regular packing and high-grade packaging such as JinHe, we generally operate according to the requirements of customers. Some common metal materials metal MEDALS MEDALS custom is the use of copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver metal materials, such as after a certain medal process is made and be become.
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