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Most complete cut crystal act the role ofing is tasted meaning explanation

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-14
Crystal jewelry market is more and more big, more and more popular among young people, mainly because of its attractive appearance, as a decoration is very beautiful. Crystal type and color, the color, the better, the transparent crystal, crystal is clean, very suitable for wear, crystal ornaments have certain magnetic field. It is a kind of functional natural products. Now not only girls like crystal act the role ofing is tasted, but the man also gradually began to wear them. Then, you can wear what kind of crystal ornaments to promote professional development? I think boys and girls must be very concerned about this matter. Long-term wearing crystal ornaments for career development will bring incredible impact. 1, yellow crystal ornaments for money. If you want to be successful, you can choose to wear yellow crystal act the role ofing is tasted. Topaz jewels owner recruit part of wealth, but also recruit positive wealth, it has a prosperous career and the effect of urban housing. Long-term wearing yellow crystal act the role ofing is tasted can bring wealth. This is a piece of stone business. In the process of selecting the yellow crystal act the role ofing is tasted, try not to select too transparent crystal, but crystal containing a small amount of impurity is transparent. What crystal act the role ofing is tasted can promote individual career luck read step 2, purple crystal ornaments brings noble life. The girl wearing a purple crystal act the role ofing is tasted can be selected for help their careers. Amethyst jewellery can increase the magnetic field of the purple light. Can say purple air from the east, bring good luck for aristocrats. In addition, the purple crystal increased wisdom, and career opportunities. For a long time to wear purple crystal ornaments fortune will enhance the electric field. When choose the purple crystal jewelry, you should choose transparent crystal, color as transparent as possible. What crystal act the role ofing is tasted can promote personal career life 3, red hair crystal prosperous career luck. Women can choose red hair crystal in professional sports. Red hair crystal to type, flourishing and public transport, skin management role. To wear for a long time can improve the electric field. When red hair crystal, must choose transparent crystal, thick dark hair better. Crystal is also very good red hair color it is worth collecting. 4, green ghost career luck. Everyone knows green ghost very popular participation and fortune, but also very prosperous wealth. Green ghost has a lot of kinds, including multi-layer tower, cone stone flower and cornucopia, cornucopia of the most popular. Rich and prosperous cornucopia has a strong magnetic field, magnetic field, to wear for a long time can play a powerful role. 5, green development prosperous career luck. Green crystal often get the welcome of a man. Its color is dark green, atmospheric stability. Wearing a green hair crystal can help your career, increase your career opportunities for advancement. Choosing green crystal, should choose green strong, transparent dense color is better. Similarly, green hair crystal is also a worthy collection of crystal act the role ofing is tasted. 6, color development prosperous wealth. If you are in the business, and you must have a colorful shunfa titanium crystal. Colorful shunfa titanium crystal can be said to be a family portrait crystal ornaments, including health, family, career and wealth. Dressed in colorful shunfa titanium crystal is very popular. Girls can choose a larger diameter, magnetic field more beads. Choosing color shunfa titanium crystal, should choose bright hair color, dense crystal and transparent color. 7, tourmaline prosperous career luck. Tourmaline is favorite of all women, tonal gorgeous beautiful, crystal bright again. Tourmaline is the king of crystal act the role ofing is tasted, can satisfy all your desires. A woman can wear tourmaline fat, married women can wear lucky face. Tourmaline color is rich, the red and blue value is relative taller. From the perspective of collection, tourmaline is the most the collection of crystal ornaments.
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