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On the classification

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-11
Commemorative medallion is made is the floorboard of the chapter with a memorable form items, including MEDALS, badges and collection decoration is unique in three broad categories. Badge including identification badges, badge and practical artistic badge three categories. Identification badges are common forms of commemorative medallion is made it is wear in the body to indicate the identity, occupation, in the school, army, factory, government departments, widely used in a service industry. Modern emblem originated in Europe, in Europe about one hundred years ago some craft workshops began to slowly become a badge production factory. Badge MEDALS is early form, has a long history, origin can be traced back to primitive society clan tribal totem sign. European forces such as the use of a cap badge, badges logo became a badge early mid-term common form, the Napoleonic era, has been widely used in the army. An earlier in our country, badge to appear in beiyang navy, modern application fields, and mostly pure gold &silver commemorative medallion is made, the hardware color is unique in the majority.
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