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Organic glass display rack to keep luster

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-22
With the wide use of organic glass, acrylic display purposes is also increasingly widely. At the same time of using, often ignore the maintenance of display shelf. If you want to make organic glass display rack in use at the same time, still can keep bright luster, it must be the maintenance and cleaning is a must. Display shelf to wipe clean on a regular basis. Organic glass display rack, as a kind of long time exposure to the display props in the air, the surface will have certain stain and dirt, keep the most basic display shelf luster is need to keep it clean. Regular cleaning can effectively keep the display shelf gloss. Visually if there are difficult to clean the stains, can choose a mild detergent. Mild detergent with water with a soft cloth to wipe, can prevent the display surface damage, lose show bright beautiful luster. After cleaning, can be the selection of appropriate care agent. A display on the market at present nursing spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent. Occasionally use these products to assist maintenance helps keep acrylic gloss. If you're afraid of the frame to use lead to tarnish after the time is too long, you can try, like a car wax evenly on the surface using soft cloth to wipe part liquid polishing wax, can protect the organic glass from the outside world. Can be more effective to keep display surface is smooth, also can keep luster, bright beautiful.
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