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Organic glass products processing need to pay attention to?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-23
Organic glass products in machining process is a process, organic process there are many kinds of glass products processing, can carry out cutting, punching, cutting, carving, and so on. Organic glass products look although very simple, but there are many need to pay attention to details, especially in the process of machining. Detail 1: ordinary organic glass products in the temperature of 100 degrees or so will be easy to deformation, temperature is higher than the processing of organic glass products will lose the special characteristics of organic glass. Detail 2: organic glass surface hardness is equivalent to aluminium, just at the time of use or organic glass products processing should be very careful to avoid surface scratch. Detail 3: plexiglass products processing electrostatic, in summer, or dry degree high organic glass products processing workshop prone to static electricity, dust adsorption. When cleaning should use soft cotton cloth to wipe with soap and water or sky blue water. Detail 4: organic glass casting slab in the machining process will have certain expansion coefficient, so in the process of organic glass products together or must consider leave enough organic glass products of scale space.
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