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Second faithful fans: even if Liverpool, you also will be presented the trophy to him

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-23
A Liverpool fan, Cameron with call chat about sports radio, even get a second, he says Liverpool should also get a trophy. Manchester city this victory, again on the premier league, premier league title race will continue until the final round. Cameron said on the phone, & other; The premier league title race too exciting. I think that even if the second, we should also get a trophy. ” “ Cup doesn't have to have a name, they pushed the trophy to Liverpool. If we get 97 points, the astronomical figures, however, Sir Alex ferguson has never get so many points. And the competition of our city spent so much money. ” “ We have to play in the champions league semi-final, Manchester city have? We got the five champions league, the other team is what results? ” The host asked him if he was disguised as everton fans, but Mr Cameron insists he is a Liverpool fans.
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