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by:Noble Awards     2020-05-17
A transparent to summer item has become a fashion ICON, and also popular in China's entertainment industry. The transparent sheet is tasted many kinds of material in, today I to amway some acrylic material. Acrylic handbag but yakeli the hard transparent material are common in the transparent bag industry, because they are strong enough, the inside of the transparent fabric dew. A printed silk scarves, an interesting following from, a beautiful poster, a tempting fruits, a bunch of beautiful makeup, these can become a highlight of your personality, and you have special love life! On such a transparent bag full of nice little things, a lot more interesting than some great brand bags. Transparent shoes slipper, watching Cinderella dream came up when I grow up I didn't think so easy to implement. PVC instep, acrylic heel transparent shoes outside the fashion street snap over the past two years are exceptionally strong. Sometimes just heel transparent I think it is very impressive. Finally, in the way of ear transparent beautiful act the role ofing is tasted. The earrings from designer YVMIN especially, this brand is more than female stars love, light the earrings and tiffany tang, heat, etc. All blessings. First is the number 3 and 7 blue acrylic earring, it feels a bit like a second yuan, JiXi, Sa o, Wang Ou actress had early on. And he jie wear geometric model of color matching of acrylic transparent earring is very suitable for summer.
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