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Shenzhen metal gifts badges

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-27
Process: 1 badge design drawings. With the popularization of computer technology, computer drawing replaces manual painting. Badge has AdoePhotoshop drawings design of commonly used software, AdoeIllustato and CoelDaw, if to generate 3 d rendering emblem, and need the support of software and so on3dmax. About color, usually use PANTONESOLIDCOATED because PANTONE color matching color is better, the possibility of reducing chromatism. Flow 2: moulds made by badge. To put in the computer design draft import carved machine application in mold sculpture, good dao road to pay attention to in the process of carving knife thickness, good time according to the figure after comparing the mold is there missing. Finally, the mold heat treatment to strengthen the mold hardness and durability.
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