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So customers on crossbows bo 'badge making' why?

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-07
Before the National Day of 2015, crossbow Po after the effort and enterprise of 33 years of experience and strength, successfully become a government unit in Shanghai first made with the metal badges, with suppliers. Customer first order quantity is very large, jingcha badge number of custom: 12500 PCS, uniform with production quantity: 13200 PCS, Double pair) , and the strict quality requirements, must be in the specified time to complete all the products delivery, customers trust us so much, crossbow bo will not disappoint the customer. Before the National Day has identified a product unit price, because of just in time for National Day, for a long time on October 5, come back to factory on the arrangement of the mould, make prenatal production confirmation and the sample production. Factory workshop after a month of nissan's night out, finally finish the delivery of products, because the order amount is big, the customer is first time to cooperate with us, a little not trust, hope ability after the inspection qualified payment in person. On Nov. 2, customers personally flew from Shanghai dongguan inspection, the inspection way as the sampling observation, badge sampling number is: 500 PCS, with random number is: 300 PCS, after more than two hours of sampling observation, in addition to have a bit off color, Because the color is not the same time, hard to avoid can appear off color phenomenon, inevitable) Listened to our professional explanation, customers, also is very understand, later said was satisfied with the cooperation of the product or, subsequent have needs, still choose us. We thank you very much for the customer approval, we will do better in the future. You may ask, why a crossbow custom badges, badge, commemorative MEDALS so popular? What is the reason? Face the future of the global market competition, the real power comes from & other; The core technology & throughout; 。 Only its own products on the technology, process, quality constantly innovation, breakthrough, to win customer's approval, can guide the proof of the development of the industry. This is & other; Customers why fall in love with a crossbow, metal craft & throughout; The reason. In spite of this, to get the approval of the domestic market, crossbow bo travel process is still a long way to go. As the domestic well-known metal crafts custom manufacturer, crossbow is with the practical action step by step to win the respect of the domestic market. If you are interested in metal badges products above, welcome to our website: http://www. ysgou。 Com on the right side of the online business manager, or call: 86 - 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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