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【 Speak in a power 】 Badges custom old enterprises, quality win the trust of customers

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-04
Along the way, the years witnessed the crossbow of power and wealth, quality pass automatically find you ushered in a lot of customers, old customer introduce new customer also often encountered, these customers are iron, usually a basic will have the order for us to do, most is a trading company, such as: Shanghai * * trading company is a crossbow, iron customers and quarterly badge, security with order is quite large, the company off-season when will received the order of the trading company, admire! The trade company is not big, a few people had formed a company, according to the known is the boss in order, and the mind, their sharpness can cut through metal, they only receive orders, all the products are in charge of the supply chain ( Specifications, product quality reports, etc. ) 。 The trade company cooperation with us in 78, all the order of the size of the order, such as: mementoes, smiley badges, MEDALS, badges, key chain, honor is doing to us, and some incidental accessories also want us to help find suppliers, very trust us, crossbow bo factory was their label. , of course, the process of cooperation will have friction and frustrated, because such as mold problems lead to delivery delay delivery, because the cause of the logistics cause goods don't arrive on time, these small friction will not affect the cooperation between us. Crossbow of electricity road started relatively late, 14 years to formal ZouDian road, first opened pay baidu platform, main domestic business, at the same time also launched a trustpass location, peer trustpass platform has been in the position, many of his peers in the location has been opened with 78, and some traders also compete with us on trustpass, competition is very big, the new location also have no what advantage, although ali to new location has certain auxiliary, the ranking will be slightly, but not popular location is a lot of people not to patronize, visitors little, not to mention the enquiry, good method is to upload more products, decorate the location of the beautiful, the judicial badges, badges, commemorative medal of soldiers details page as far as possible do detailed, hard for a month, flow a little bit better, have a lot of orders, finally have the confidence on the road of electricity. Because the crossbow, have certain popularity in the industry, many customers will badge directly on the direct online customization, security badges, commemorative COINS, custom-made order, there are some in the offline order, whether or not the quantity is big, the unit price is a reasonable estimate quote to the customer, this year the market situation is not very good, the overall economy is not very good. Thirty-one years of enterprise, quality closes nevertheless, it is difficult to walk far, good quality, to win customers trust. Crossbow bo badge custom factory original information: http://www. ysgou。 Com hotline: 86 579 - 85596776 thank you
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