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Suzhou taihu international marathon start custom MEDALS!

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-27
As a popular way of mass fitness in recent years, running because of its convenience and low threshold, popular with fitness enthusiasts. The size of the annually held in suzhou running events emerge in endlessly. No one concern, than suzhou taihu international marathon & ndash; — Suzhou the only horse race. Yesterday, the reporter learns from the organizer, 2017 in suzhou taihu international marathon has now officially start the registration process. It is reported, this game is scheduled for December 16 ( On Saturday) Runs in the high-tech zone, and is equipped with the men's and women's marathon ( 42. 195 km) , men and women's half marathon, 21. 0975 km) And mini marathon ( About 5 km) Three projects. The scale of 30000 people, including 6000 people in the marathon, half marathon 9000, mini marathon 15000. The graph is: 2015 international marathon in 2017 in suzhou taihu international marathon will be & other; Two new projects & throughout; Guiding ideology as the core concept of run competitions, sports industry group and suzhou, in jiangsu province under the joint efforts of high and new style group, has establish suzhou taihu international marathon success for China asa had & other; Silver medal events & throughout; , and the ranks of the jiangsu province five marathon, become the first brand of the competition in suzhou high-tech zone. The graph is: 2016 international marathon, marathon this year will also be invited domestic and foreign well-known enterprise executives, star entrepreneurs, well-known experts and scholars in various fields, star, the Olympic champion composed run group involved in a number of celebrities such as the su horse, union the national game known at the same time, and several professional game will heat to run in suzhou. Sign up at present, the match of the channel is started, the players can sign up through the suzhou taihu international marathon's official website, more information on specific events can log in the website, pay attention to WeChat public number ( Suzhou taihu international marathon subscription number) And the official weibo account ( Suzhou taihu international marathon officer) To obtain. Crossbow Po handicraft warm prompt: the marathon as a high load, high intensity, long distance, high risk of competitive sports, the participants have higher demand to physical health, so participants should maintain a healthy body, and is the basis of the running exercise or training for a long time. Participants may according to their physical condition and ability, to select a project application. 2017 because of taihu international marathon and nearly two months, about the taihu international marathon medal has been set, crossbow crafts professional custom marathon medal manufacturer, hope to have pleasure for this international marathon custom MEDALS! Source: suzhou taihu international marathon's official website
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