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We can provide you with what kind of club badge custom service?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-24
With the vigorous development of the Internet, has experienced the survival of the fittest LieZhe out of the market, to survive, but often encounters the bottleneck of development. Many badges of customized manufacturers begin to pay close attention to customers, to discuss how to how to realize the user good feedback and affirmation, tried to put the & other The user experience & throughout; Combined with practical work. The & other; Users throughout the &; Into our team, this is a very good thing. But I want to say, this is just not enough. User experience to the comprehensive quality management. And the quality is not only a need, it is a must. Market economy is the reality, it is not a vacuum, evolution on every day, so you must constantly improve the level of service to users so as to continuously reduce the actual cost. Crossbow, arts and crafts the following four forms this goal. 1, analysis the actual custom needs of customers, and guide the products and services to meet those needs. 2, in a short period of time as far as possible to shorten the delivery time, within the time required by the client to complete the delivery 3, by improving the technological process and production equipment upgrade, continuously improve product quality of commemorative MEDALS. 4, one-stop product after-sales service, carefully deal with every detail, achieve a win-win situation. Metal badge, custom and design development to today, there are a lot of traditional design rules to follow, also proposed the new challenge. Because badge product is small in size and is mostly round or irregular graphics, how in the limited space to present information effectively, and does not appear cluttered bloated, testing the metal badge manufacturers designers and communication skills. Life, common is circular, the eye is round, the sun is round. The bowl is round, day is also round. In round use is in the design of commemorative COINS. Circle is a center, in the badge order surface, often suddenly core points, focus, highlight effect. Can let people to the line of sight gathered on want to highlight the function point, even if the line of sight was not in the middle of the position, also can guide users gather once again return to center. Crossbow bo - travel process More professional - gives the government the badges, MEDALS, custom To produce concise, efficient and practical metal crafts manufacturers.
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