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We don't produce every kind of homecoming badges

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-24
Crossbow technology was founded in 1984, at first is a small family workshop, or help others processing is only a few small parts to make a few small handicraft, slowly through the start stage, now developed into has involved in trade, production, electronic commerce, such as the branch company, is committed to metal badge, medal, medal, gold and silver COINS and other production and marketing as one of the services, every year, staff skills and products has a change of quality and quantity, customers and orders are proportional to the change, these are inseparable from the support and trust of customers. Alibaba, there will be many different inquiry every day some inquiry content is basic about the same, to customize products is roughly same, just material is different, the color and quantity differences in different! We offer is always very quickly, remember once, there is a customer inquiry homecoming true enamel badges, size is 55 * 2 mm, 2 d + 4 color printing, color to add resin ( Color paste) Baked, accessories thorn horse nail + disorder, quantity is 73 PCS, bright color, give a person a kind of very dignified feeling, affordable,. We ask the detailed sizes and production technology, production quantity, after half a clock in to reply to the customer the unit price. Customer is very surprised at the time, customers ask me directly, are you sure the price is right? No business accounting? ? I actually we have been calculated, and the size as it is we often do design, material and process are clear, very directly to the customer said the price is accurate. Customer immediately tell his customers directly, this order is well down. Really is very fast, probably took less than two days. Customer also said that at that time, if not we offer quickly, this order is not our! Is the so-called: professional to speed, the speed of the price can be accurate at the same time, only in this way can the timely with your customers. And this major, is a day to calculate the cost of a large number of badges custom, size to have such a shortcut, only strengthen the professional knowledge, in order to better cooperate with customers to order! The market situation is not very good this year, the overall economy is not very good. Crossbow technology enterprises of 31 years, quality closes nevertheless, it is difficult to walk far, good quality, to win customers trust. Because crossbow, quality guaranteed, many institutions, advertising companies, cultural diffusion, foreign trade companies and other enterprises find us through ali platform. If you are interested in the badge of above product customization, homecoming badge, please contact: - 86 579 - 85596776, website: http://www. ysgou。 Com thank you support.
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