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What are the main purpose of the metal badges industry

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-13
Metal badges, MEDALS, commemorative medallion is made in Europe and other countries has been a popular for a long time the charm of the goods, any design and words can be said that romance with a badge of identity, occupation, etc. According to the function has the following several different intention expression organization: expression wear or the wearer's organisation, such as guo hui chapters/company/group/chapters recognition/sport/MEDALS/chapters Ming brand/security status: expression status, such as uniform epaulettes/police badge goal: expression of the target, such as leading others charitable donations propaganda badges of honor: the expression of the honor, such as the soldier was awarded the medal of the aesthetic, aesthetic or hobbies, such as cartoon characters badge of honor medal top medal company annual sales of various sports contests of medal of senior staff, police medal of honor medal volunteer badge/good deeds representative RongYuZhang enthusiastic charitable donations scout RongYuZhang image: establish a brand image, spirit symbol company chapter ZhangXueJiao group without a profit-seeking enterprise organized religious groups on behalf of the family home arms international medical organization/charity machine for students badge/club badge lions clubs/exhibition site staff member chapter activity: mark every important moment in life to marry commemorative souvenirs souvenirs graduation anniversary birthday the clan family party sports expo souvenirs Olympic championship baseball classic high open game promotional gifts gifts decorations (plus for finery company promotion activities Clothing signs) Can become important fittings for other products, decoration on books, bottles, sofa, high-end box, etc. As long as you want, we through professional customization process can help you achieve, badge custom find crossbow, arts and crafts!
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