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What factors will affect the price of crystal trophy?

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-06
Colorful crystal trophy is people's favorite items. In recent years, there are many handicrafts crystal trophy, crystal trophies and crystal ornaments. What factors will affect the price of crystal trophy? There are many factors that can affect the value of a crystal trophy, mainly has the following several factors: 1, this is a quality problem. Because quality is different, value decide the price, the use of crystal trophy value will also be different, so the price is different also. Such as pure crystal crystal trophy to do advanced optical materials, its price is a lot higher than usually crystal trophy. 2, and crystal trophy this gemstone jewelry itself in assaying the fineness of the elements, such as a few of residue, is like a star point, cloud-like and flocculent in gas-liquid inclusions; Colour and lustre is pure, smooth, brilliant bright; If there are any cracks, dark spots, such as well as its definition. Speaking of the sharpness of the crystal trophy, some commonly used & other; Against & throughout; To describe it, historically, crystal trophy, because of its unique style to show their own beauty and uncommon, the clear crystal of glittering and translucent get rid of, colorful colorful color, bright appearance, everything in the poetry, make people exclaim. And the crystal trophy, volcanic rocks have the color of the volcanic rocks and volcanic rocks, how many and so on various elements of crystal cotton are very seriously. Has the inclusion body of volcanic rocks in the crystal cup the size of the crystal trophy, composition of pattern is very rare. The absolute than lump crystal trophy high value. 3, these are all factors affecting the value of the crystal trophy, supply and demand are also affect the value of the crystal trophy. Crystal trophy the objective natural environment in a variety of production is often an important factors affecting the price.
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