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What glue adhesive acrylic products can use?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-02
Acrylic manual processing factory in the production of acrylic products when the use of glue, however, firm bonding of general product, glue, it is not easy to break off, but also can not avoid some customers in the process of using accidentally broke, then change to do? Noble today allow small make up an acrylic processing factory to tell you what to do at this time? If is relaxed and the absence of conditions, I suggest that we can use 502 glue adhesive, of course, the effect of the adhesive didn't special acrylic glue so good, however, 502 glue, cheap, general family will have a spare, of course, if there is no purchase is also very convenient. And acrylic manufacturers generally use glue is chloroform, also known as chloroform, when it is acrylic processing of the special glue. The average family also won't have, because it is not bonding effect for other items. So it's not necessary in our life. Chloroform, it can quickly dissolve yakeli the surface, so that to glue them together in front of the melt, one integrated mass. The advantages of this glue stick is very strong, but it is also flawed, normally if bonding surface in air will produce a little bubble, this is inevitable, even if technology again good also cannot guarantee that no a bubble, also can control the less as far as possible. Adhesive acrylic processing factory in all kinds of acrylic products, are injected with a syringe, because this kind of acrylic special corrosive to a certain extent, try not to let the glue comes into contact with the skin.
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