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What kind of acrylic photo frames are there processing way?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-07
Acrylic photo frame I believe that everyone should be heard seen even a lot of people are in the home, but you know how to process these exquisite acrylic photo frames are made of? Here small make up today to list the four main acrylic photo frame processing way. 1 mechanical polishing, mechanical polishing, use the polishing plate edge, should first plate edge as much as possible to deal with smooth and later on polishing cloth round of polishing wax, sheet will gently on the polishing wheel pressure, even driving back and forth. At this time must be noted that do not will plank on the polishing wheel to stay for a long period of time, otherwise, the board will be burned yellow, cause not bright. 2, open a small slot mold hot bending, the heating wire dangling set in among them and to the heating transformer, transferred to a certain current, make the heating wire is red, then acrylic sheet on top of heating, after baking soft can be hot bending forming, best plate heating temperature is 100 - 110℃。 3, thermoforming using hot air circulation drying oven and hydraulic press molding, first should be the molding box or font open mold according to the proportion of one to one, will die after fixed on the hydraulic press, sheet will be baking in the oven at the same time, after about 8 to 10 minutes of baking sheet completely softening, after its rapidly transferred to fixed well in advance of the mould on the forming, for about 10 minutes cooling mold release. 4, fire polishing after the saw cutting, remove acrylic photo frame plate edge milling burr, sand with water will play thin plate edge, after the flame polishing machine cast light processing. Must pay attention to when polishing speed quick and balanced. Dongguan Noble Awards— Acrylic products custom experts, the world 500 strong partners unified national service hotline: 4008 - 959 - 252 website: WWW. klk98。 Com address: dongguan qingxi mayor zhang qing hill village road 190 phone: + 86 - 769 - 87304568 fax: + 86 - 769 - 87306853QQ: 2355733668
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