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Where there is an acrylic UV printing factory?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-01
Want in yakeli the surface printing design, the present processing technology includes: silk screen printing and acrylic UV printing, both can reach the effect of printing design, compared with the traditional manual or semi-automatic screen printing, more and more customers and manufacturers choose acrylic UV printing process. Here are the Noble allow small make up to tell everyone about it: acrylic UV print to print what are the advantages of the? 1, high efficiency: printing speed is quick, is suitable for batch processing, design printing ink dry faster. 2, good printing effect: four color is more bright-coloured, more clear and accurate printing, printing embossed effect, such as 3 d or something like that. 3, cost savings, need not the film screen, with image file can print directly. 4, environmental protection, the ink of environmental protection, no pollution to the body and the environment. More than 5, the types of printing, UV printing can not only for acrylic processing, can also be in the following, glass, cloth and other printing pattern on the material. The advantages of above is acrylic UV spray print, dongguan Noble allow co. , LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of acrylic UV printing processing, to undertake various types of acrylic advertising signs, metro park ultra-thin advertising light boxes, flowers, trees card number, sign/guide card, department, outdoor advertising photo acrylic UV printing processing. The company has many sets of import UV printing equipment, USES the form a complete set of high quality ink, printing high-definition picture, beautiful beautiful colorful; Spraying the surface adhesion, wear resistance, more can prevent ultraviolet ray, both in the subway advertising light boxes, and outdoor advertising signs is the preferred uv printing. And UV printing equipment acrylic processing speed of printing image, suitable for mass production and processing, fast delivery! , welcome friends in need to inquire: 4008 - 959 - 252
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