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Why choose crossbow Po process custom MEDALS MEDALS?

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-24
Process jun today for everyone to introduce why choose & lt; Crossbow Po ', tourism handicraft production of MEDALS MEDALS? As shown in figure, this badge MEDALS: adopting the raw materials: copper, into the color material: enamel powder, if the medal is shiny and not the design of the color, can add sandblast or recessed metal put sand + spray paint processing, contrast bulging metal bright surface, can form bright contrast, double color effect, positive smooth level off the printing effect is very good, very simple sense grade. This characteristic has led many MEDALS for its preferred customers. What are the unique advantages of crossbows Po process? Summed up the following three points: 1, abundant resources, advanced equipment, crossbow technology many subsidiary factories, professional custom various series badges, movement medal, MEDALS, MEDALS, key chain, 'arts and crafts such as embroidery, and metallic materials with a number of well-known global brands to establish strategic cooperative relations; Have many sets of import cutting machine, die-casting machine, automatic color machine, CNC3D engraving machine, automatic polishing machine, provide the satisfaction for the customer the badge custom services. 2, transportation team, ensure delivery: crossbows, process and transport signed long-term cooperation both at home and abroad, have to return to Hong Kong and Taiwan logistics car every day, business radiation throughout the region at home and abroad; For customers around the pearl river delta, we will free home delivery; For domestic customers, we will contact the nearest logistics company for you, reduce transportation costs. More than 3, logistics solved: group company, automatic production lines, devotion, skilled master operation, dozens of professional sales team, rich experience in the metal handicraft industry, escort for you at any time, free consulting services to provide you with products. You call custom badge, MEDALS, we offer, proofing, you sure samples, we to mass production, to pay the balance payment after the inspection first, quality guaranteed, integrity cooperation, if you want to know about other series of products, please refer to: http://www. ysgou。 Com or call: 86 579 - 85596776, thank you for coming.
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