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Why do acrylic custom products proofing more expensive than the batch production price?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-06
Today, many display or all kinds of box as long as the use of organic glass materials, need to customize, and customers in the first go through a series of custom acrylic search and selection to determine whether appropriate acrylic products manufacturer. Choose good after will send figure inquiry. Acrylic manufacturer can according to customer requirements and product size, and so on to make quotation! However there are a lot of customers don't understand why, proofing the price than the price of the batch of expensive? Below small make up, you can share with you it is this why? In fact, acrylic manufacturer also is not blind to quotation. According to the Noble allow acrylic factory quotation and production experience concluded that offer before, the first thing to determine product is own processing enterprises for the production of the product. Second, the customer's custom number is one of the main factors affect the offer. Since there are large amount of the price. Not to mention a custom number of acrylic products, perhaps does not have a lot of, but the number is one and the more there is to distinguish. For example, a number of price general theory of any processing plants for proofing. Because making a and production of 10, 100, 1000, all the same to drawing, making molds, etc. These processes. Furthermore, there is only one number, one thousand a little scrap in the production process, is the responsibility of acrylic manufacturer. So it is the most fundamental reason. Acrylic factory will not, of course, the only consider their own, in general, the sample charge without, but in the subsequent do big goods will be adjusted according to the price of the product sample fee, also in order to avoid the sample charge, also can calculate the cost that the sample charge in bulk. These are according to customer's product quantity to conclusions! So, when you encounter need to collect the sample charge, please understand a lot!
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