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Why do I have thickness tolerance acrylic products?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-04
Small make up when doing customer service, often asked the question of acrylic tolerance will be, believe that many people will find that the thickness of the acrylic products actually is not up to par, than the actual thickness is always less than the required thickness of a zero of a few millimeters, the thicker the yakeli tolerance range. Why is this? Don't is acrylic processing factory sincerity, short in weight? Actually this kind of idea is wrong, why will appear this kind of circumstance, this also is Noble allow small make up to when it comes to the topic: why is the thickness of the acrylic products have tolerance? Acrylic sheet according to the production process can be divided into: pouring plates and the board two kinds. The production of two different plate can cause different thickness tolerance. Pouring plate is yakeli crystal pouring shape of plate after high temperature melting, do like tofu, a frame mold injection soya-bean milk, with a piece of plate pressure it again, solidification molding is a bean curd, this technology can make thick plate, but the tolerance will be relatively larger, but wins in high transparency, good quality; And extrusion is mechanical extrusion molding, extrusion process is just like two metal roller extruding a middle the wrappers and relative thickness is uniform, but not out of the thick plate pressure and some pitting, advantage is the tolerance range is small, price is pouring plate is cheaper, acrylic display equipment for the production of the product with high tolerance requirement. Yakeli is limited by a production process, more or less have some tolerance, as long as the tolerance range is not too big, generally is acceptable, it is well known in the acrylic processing industry. The final proposal to require higher product thickness, remember to find a factory in advance to confirm the tolerance, to avoid inappropriate after finished product out.
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