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Why do many people lose speed in the second half of the marathon?

by:Noble Awards     2021-05-01
The speed drop after running a marathon 30km brings not only dissatisfaction in performance, but also the pain of struggling with the limits of the body. So as an amateur player, how to avoid speed drops after 30km, or even accelerate like a professional player? For most amateur players, the slowdown is mainly caused by the following 6 reasons: 1. Insufficient running volume   The reason for insufficient running volume Most people think of busy work and no time. There is no systematic training plan, and there is no scientific training intensity. Guaranteeing the weekly and monthly running volume is the top priority in the marathon.   If you can guarantee 350-400km per month before the game, then the endurance coefficient reaching 4.7 is not a big problem, and with special training, it can completely reach the higher amateur level of 4.6.  The speed ability of professional players has been practiced to the limit. In order to be able to improve a little further and be competitive in the future, a large amount of training must be conducted to ensure the accumulation of sufficient glycogen. 2. There is a problem with the training method    This method is something that advanced marathon runners need to understand. Many amateurs know how to conduct LSD training every week. The distances of 30km and 35km are carried out every week. The monthly running volume is not small. They think that their aerobic endurance is no problem. You will find yourself slowing down uncontrollably. In fact, the reason for the speed drop should be found in training. To give a simple example, a person's 10,000-meter performance is about 40 minutes, the running volume is about 350 kilometers per month, and the VDOT value is about 37. According to common sense Said that he is fully capable of breaking the 300 mark in a marathon, but in fact it backfired. The reason is simple. He usually only performs LSD at 5 speeds, but he needs to play at 4 speeds during the game. Can the muscles and heart adapt?   Therefore, in a complete marathon preparation cycle, LSD should be carried out in the early stage to accumulate aerobic endurance. In the middle and later stages of training, it is necessary to practice race pace running or lactate running. High-quality running can make up for the lack of running volume to a certain extent! 3. Unreasonable pace and insufficient supply. Many amateurs don’t know that the pace of the marathon should actually run at a constant speed. Most people’s pace is that the pace of the front runs very quickly, and the speed of the back basically collapses. Up. It’s a common problem for most amateur runners during the entire race to be fast and slow. Many people think that the entire marathon runs at a constant speed. In fact, this is not the case. There are subtle changes in speed throughout the entire sports process. For amateurs, it is not a big problem to reach an endurance coefficient of 4.7 with a 350-400km running volume, and it is not difficult to achieve 4.6 with a higher quality training. It is recommended that runners who have a certain running base and running volume in normal times, but are more confused about the pace set, use the endurance coefficient of 4.65 as the scheduled pace, and special training for this pace can be carried out before the game. For example, 40 minutes per 10,000 meters, then the marathon can be carried out at 40*4.65u003d186 minutes, that is, 4 minutes and 25 seconds/km. From the start, you should strictly follow the pace. Don't start rushing out with excitement. That is not what a wise athlete should do. In addition, the most important point is that there is no big difference between marathon and usual training. You can't always think about being able to perform beyond the level. You must clearly know that as long as you use your full strength in a healthy and safe situation, you will be very complete. .   For the replenishment during the competition, it is only necessary to replenish it every station, drink more at the beverage station, and less at the water station. You can also simply prepare a few energy gels on your body as a supplement. 4. The reason for short running age may be ignored. Some people are in good health, light weight, natural endurance muscles are more, natural speed is fast, and run a marathon as soon as they come up, and run a lot, but find that their performance is not good. This is mainly because the body's tolerance is not enough and the running age is relatively short. Marathon is a process of long-term persistence and accumulation. As a beginner, the thing to do is to persevere and run continuously.   In addition, if this marathon is the first horse, it is recommended not to go up to the pursuit of results, but to observe and learn to understand a marathon and all of their own strengths, after all, sharpen the knife and not cut the firewood by mistake.
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