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Why more and more people choose acrylic UV printing?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-14
About acrylic UV printing production process, acrylic processing factory profiling software on the computer side first, and then through the acrylic UV printer to print out the need to design, the printing way principle with inkjet printers principle is the same as the ordinary, the difference is that acrylic UV printer nozzle precision is high, and using UV ink, adhered to by UV lamp to make the ink quickly after printing on the acrylic. The advantages of acrylic UV spray print what? 1, high efficiency: printing speed is quick, is suitable for batch processing, design printing ink dry faster. 2, good printing effect: four color is more bright-coloured, more clear and accurate printing, printing embossed effect, such as 3 d or something like that. 3, cost savings, need not the film screen, with image file can print directly. 4, environmental protection, the ink of environmental protection, no pollution to the body and the environment. More than 5, the types of printing, UV printing can not only for acrylic processing, can also be in the following, glass, cloth and other printing pattern on the material. Above is a brief introduction about acrylic UV printing and advantages. Noble allow professional acrylic UV printing processing, hd print design, rich in color. Need acrylic UV printing processing friend can inquire: 4008 - 959 - 252
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