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Why the acrylic products proofing price more expensive than big goods?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-07
As is known to all, acrylic with strong plasticity, so you can according to the requirements of different customers processed into various styles size acrylic products, custom acrylic products are generally need to proofing confirmed effect, it would involve a problem of proofing fee, proofing at out, many people asked, & other; Why should proofing fee so expensive? ” Today, I explain to everybody unity. Pull all the process requirement is to do big goods is consistent, such as normal cutting, printing, processing, packing, etc. , be short of one cannot. Because there is no the number of big goods to spread out the cost, because the proofing will be higher than the price of the product unit price. In addition to remove the cost of raw material, the amount of artificial cost is also to be reckoned with. Proofing is a special professional proofing master, will consider the actual product application, combined with customer demand, pay a effort to complete. The purpose is to improve the success rate of the proofing customer satisfaction. So the proofing charge exists, also relative to the unit cost will be higher than the big goods products. Custom acrylic products factory is the existence of sample fee. At the same time, in order to better maintain new and old customers, must want to consider the feelings of the customer. Clients such as late after confirmation of the sample, can under the big orders, proofing fee collect more money will be corresponding reduction. In the production cost minus the cost of the sample. As long as the late do big goods, much charge proofing fee can be waived. Small size of the products at the same time, proofing fee can also all the breaks. So early proofing is relative to the free of charge. So for proofing the price, we hope you can understand,
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