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Why the badge production will become the darling of the memory of 'market?

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-25
The badge production factory, crossbow technology ( www。 ysgou。 com) China is a formal state, every year, the activities of all kinds of gifts are popular in the market, and now the gift market, whether it is a advertising company, government units, style council, college representative activity basic series can use metal badges crafts. Why gift selection tend to metal badge? Badge making crossbow Po process that it is associated with the concept of environmental protection of now, is also a kind of advanced consumption idea. With the mature of people's consumption idea, and pay attention to the requirements, metal crafts quickly became popular in the industry, at the same time, also promote the high-speed development of gift boxes in the gift industry. Metal badge belongs to the badge, Medal) A, in general is mainly composed of stamping, die-casting, bite version of the process, the surface of the badge can be gold-plated, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel plating effect, etc. It has clean lines smooth, figure concave and convex have send, etc can be used in paint, enamel, printing and other surface color process make the product more richness. General way of packing for the opp bags, gift boxes, packing in addition to protect goods, also seem to be high grade, a successful packaging products, to a certain extent can increase the charm of the product itself, but the excessive pursuit of appearance, the feeling of putting the cart before the horse, a lot of gift packaging industry is of primitive simplicity and do not break delicate, was liked by many consumers. More than 30 years, we focus on badge making any process can be seen on the market, Press such as copper, iron, bite version, copper and stainless steel printing and zinc alloy casting, etc. ) And we can all very professional production. If you have this aspect of the customization requirements, please send your totem copy to us, we will give your advice for you to use occasion and budget of a complete solution.
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