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Wooden MEDALS bleeding phenomenon, how to improve?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-09
Bleeding is a common type of wooden MEDALS in making defects, bleeding refers to the surface coating of paint coating to the underlying paint coating softening or dissolved, make the color of the bottom paint coating to infiltrate surface, colour and lustre is inconsistent phenomenon. Wooden MEDALS bleeding phenomenon basically has the following reasons: 1, on the ground floor paint coating is not fully dry, besmear brushs the paint on the surface coating. 2, in the bottom of the paint coating of on besmear to brush the surface with strong solvent paint coating. 3, the underlying some organic pigments used in paints and coatings, Such as phthalic cyanine, phthalein green) , tar, creosote, etc. 4, wood contains some organic dyes, such as wood glue, such as not besmear bottom sealing coatings, long or under the condition of high temperature, easy bleeding occurs. 5, the color of the deep underlying paint coating, and the shallow color of paint coating on the surface, also prone to bleeding phenomenon. For these reasons we can take the following measures to improve the bleeding problem: 1, the underlying paint coating after fully dry, besmear again brush paint on the surface coating. 2, the bottom paint coating and coating of paint on the surface. 3, had better choose in the primer inorganic pigment or dye penetration resistance of organic pigments, avoid asphalt, creosote blend of paints and coatings, etc. 4, dye in the wood, wood glue should be cleared as far as possible, should brush for 2 - knot 3 times clear varnish; And back cover with the color chip, wait for dry after application of the paint on the surface coating. 5, the color of paint coating on the surface should be darker than the underlying paint coating. Crossbow medal custom manufacturer, whether you are want to make real gold plated MEDALS, plating imitation gold medal, silver medal, nickel plated MEDALS, we all can do, as long as the price you can accept! We are not a problem, warmly welcome new and old customers call advisory! http://www。 ysgou。 com/jp- 2. 超文本标记语言
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