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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-25
Recently, wang jianlin inform young people: don't worry when the world's richest man, to make a first can achieve small goals, for example to earn $1, $1! The world of the local tyrants whereof we don't understand. In October, we can't earn $1, but you can change a can achieve small goals, for example buying a yakeli furniture. As people's increasing demand for sex, all kinds of furniture materials also slowly up more, such as solid wood furniture, acrylic furniture, stainless steel furniture all these hot products, among them, you may be familiar with the yakeli furniture, do not know to have learned about, first of all, it is environmental protection, and then the quality is good, very accord with modern fashion trends of the bedroom, the yakeli furniture in the furniture market is more common, so, how is yakeli furniture, let's take a look at yakeli furniture related introduction. Yakeli furniture? , what is acrylic, acrylic is a kind of plastic material, but look a little like glass, acrylic is widely used in furniture, its overall material belongs to that between glass and plastic, acrylic furniture you've all seen, such as computer desk, organic chair restoring ancient ways, acrylic stool, etc. , are very transparent, and very beautiful. Yakeli furniture has what characteristics, it has a crystalline transparency, light transmittance over 92%, the light is downy, clear vision, dye acrylic and have a good exhibition effect of color, and also has excellent weather resistance, higher surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high temperature performance, yakeli board has good processing performance, can use thermoforming, also can use mechanical processing way, its wear resistance and aluminum, good stability and corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals, and the hardness is the most can reflect pouring yakeli board, one of the production process and technical parameters is an important part of quality control, so the yakeli furniture also has the characteristic of wear-resisting durable. Yakeli board not only environmental protection but also good pervious to light, impact resistance, resistance to friction, but we found that the acrylic furniture is rare, because there are so many benefits, although acrylic but it is difficult, expensive, so for affordable housing, affordable loan for you, choose yakeli furniture is you in the near future can reach a small target, so hurry set, like wang jianlin passionately striving!
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