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Yakeli furniture modern furniture is preferred

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-25
Speaking of furniture, people will be very natural think of solid wood furniture, panel furniture, metal furniture, glass and few people associated with the yakeli furniture. The division of the furniture, actually is also a result of market segmentation. The development trend of furniture, it is popular, 2 it is personal. Popular furniture: often represented by solid wood furniture, board type furniture, due to constitute its main material is used for thousands of years of human wooden materials and their derivatives. Personalized furniture, especially in the industrial materials such as metal, glass, plastic and finished products, the most can represent the furniture made of personalized tendency. As industrial synthetic material, acrylic, with its good transparency and crystalline texture, rich color, excellent highlight the personalized furniture fashion, avant-garde style. Yakeli furniture products appeared, its glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, value, suitable for the requirements of the people in the high consumption; Its bright color can match with any children furniture, bring out the best in each other; The transparent texture and changeful modelling, is the pursuit of fashion forward. Obscure yakeli furniture, a few years ago can't find its store of supermaket, exhibitions and seldom seen hide or hair of it. But until recent years has been one of the few domestic enterprises use acrylic shall be made to the furniture, and acrylic a new living room furniture series, according to is an innovation.
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