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Yakeli furniture modern furniture is the preferred professional customization

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-13
The use fixed number of year of acrylic material furniture is mainly based on acrylic's own material. Here, you may ask, is there any difference between acrylic? Yes, acrylic according to the different way of divided into pressing plate and casting, and according to the different origin of generally divided into import and domestic board. Its durable degree also have obvious differences. In general, under the same parameters of casting acrylic quality than extrusion plate, slightly weaker than the quality of the homebred yakeli board to import plate. General homebred yakeli board best display effect is 3 - 5 years, that is, its gloss, its best performance all aspects, use fixed number of year in 10 years or so, and imports of high quality acrylic board can have 20 - level The service life of 30 years. So the first difference yakeli furniture durability parameters. Secondly the use of different environment and habits can also affect the yakeli furniture of life. Yakeli board surface by the friction and scratches will affect the surface gloss and overall aesthetics, so it is sometimes furniture be eliminated not because of life, but the use of improper habits lead to early scrap it. Acrylic material soluble in organic solvent at the same time, so pay special attention to the types of detergent when cleaning, do not use the usual clean glass of water, can wipe with a soft towel apply some soap water. The above said some matters needing attention, as long as pay attention can play yakeli furniture is one of the biggest use value.
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