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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-23
Making display material has a lot of wood, glass, metal, plastic & hellip; … , acrylic display rack, today I to tell you about the high transparency of transparent acrylic material, such as crystal, at a glance can attract the consumers, can more intuitive display goods itself can be used for decoration! The traditional model of display or many are first bulk processing, processing and selling to the market. Era today, however, have not popular this kind of practice, a lot of goods need to do market research to launch first. Today, most of them are custom. So, what is customization? Let's take an example: such as glasses display shelf. There were many glasses display rack, personalization is that you can according to your imagination to make acrylic processing plants for processing, such as: the butterfly shape show, T show. Like these acrylic display rack, the factory is impossible to mass production and then let the demanders. But according to the figure processing according to customer requirements. So, your custom plexiglass display shelf is unique. To determine which reveal frame for customization, consider through custom acrylic display rack, whether can reflect the culture and the value of the goods, whether can let the consumer intuitive sense from the vision and the sense of touch the goods itself, which gives birth to the value of the commodity itself and the connotation, if is, then I suggest you customize the acrylic display shelf. Custom, of course, the color of the acrylic display rack can according to their own goods, specifications and shapes to customize your own personalized display props. With design or company LOGO. To show more unique, give a person leave deep impression.
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