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Yakeli reveal frame, dongguan kai rick processing and the most professional

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-19
Yakeli reveal frame, dongguan Noble allow processing and the most professional. Dongguan Noble allow display products co. , LTD is a entity enterprise processing acrylic, organic glass products. Located in qingxi town, dongguan city. The company relies on many years of experience and original ideas in arts and crafts, processing capacity among the highest in dongguan area. Has a strong independent development ability and production capacity, the company has a large bed, planer, milling machine, drilling machine, laser cutting machine, engraving machine, cutting machine, trimming machine, hydraulic press, a machine, grinding machine, wire drawing machine, grinding machine, diamond edge grinding machine, polishing machine, gong machine, such as complete sets of production equipment, and is equipped with a large oven, screen printing workshop and five large laser cutting machine and CNC computer engraving machine, high-precision screen printing machine, able to plastic, wood, acrylic material, resin, crystal glass material, cutting, drilling, trimming, special-shaped cutting, polishing, and drawing on the surface of hot bending forming, sand blasting, fuel injection, printing and other professional processing. Have a full set of advanced production equipment. All technical personnel and management personnel have a taiwanese-owned factory several years work experience, all the process itself. Strive to provide customers with complete, the product comprehensive high quality service, step to reduce the purchase cost of customers and improve the efficiency of customer purchase, we uphold the business philosophy of integrity management, quality first, the spirit of continuous innovation bravely industry peak.
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