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You cannot not know acrylic photo frame knowledge

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-04
You cannot not know acrylic photo frame knowledge as the autodyne tide does not improve, taking pictures technology changes with each passing day, also take beautiful photos should also use good frame to display. Acrylic photo frames because of its high transparency, hardness is strong, easy processing characteristics such as loved by consumers. So you do not know the acrylic photo frame, common sense to Noble allow summarize well for you. One, the making craft of acrylic photo frame 1, cutting laser cutting is a kind of contactless cutting method, the laser can cut all kinds of pictures, words and so on, the technology is to use laser beam to the acrylic frame cousin release energy melted the yakeli, using laser cutting method can accurate cutting complex shaped material, cutting material just do polishing processing. 2, drilling drilling holes: is the acrylic frame on location to determine, according to the drawing to locate punched again. CNC punch: using the drilling machine is very convenient, we only need to use a computer on the size of the marking according to the drawing to do the figure on the computer input to the CNC machine, the machine will automatically run to work. 3, polishing the customer needs to product high quality requirements, for the acrylic frame do polishing processing, the process is done by traditional grinding, polishing cloth round. Polishing methods: 1) The traditional cloth round of polishing method 2) Fire polishing method, 3) The advantage of diamond polishing method 2, acrylic photo frame: 1, good shape, not easy broken. With commonly used on the market, compared to glass, ordinary plastic new material acrylic advantage is very obvious. 2, good penetrability, against strong and good plasticity. Compared with common plastic materials, the light transmittance of acrylic is the best, the light transmittance of transparent type acrylic or even better than the glass. Compared with the traditional material of the glass, and the advantages of acrylic is more outstanding, which fight against strong sex is one of the most obvious advantage. 3, easy to processing. Yakeli variable soft, stay in shape at 180 ℃, the temperature cooled to room temperature can finalize the design. 4, light. Smaller than glass, acrylic material density is much lighter than with bulk material quality. 5, good oxidation resistance, not easy to deformation and discoloration. Acrylic photo frame of the cleaning method: surface degreasing of acrylic photo frame can be cleaned with acetone, cleaning a need to use the distilled water or 50% of the heavy complex mixed acid sodium and then covered 15 20 min, and then clean with distilled water. Dry it in ventilated place under normal temperature, it will achieve the same effect. Because the frame surface is smooth, so you can use a wet towel to wipe, so you can put those easy cleaning of dirt removed, but sometimes there will be some difficult to clean oil goods, at that time then use compound siloxane coupling agent dongguan Noble allow display products co. , LTD. , is an expert in acrylic processing. 20 years of professional technicians, strict quality inspection system and process, many customers a good reputation. Imported materials, the purity is higher than domestic 20%, 15% higher transparency, 10 years does not change color not yellow. Professional team, leading technology, rich solution, let you more worry!
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