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You care about acrylic trophy price is decided by what factors

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-04
When selecting a acrylic trophy price, many customers will want to buy a cup on excellent quality and reasonable price, in fact, depending on the acrylic trophy is used to do what you do, how to make it, the number about how many, acrylic companies are now processing plants, walk quantity, the price is very cheap, of course. Specific can ask professional acrylic production factory. Other acrylic trophy price you want to use which kinds of materials, because of the yakeli is divided into three types: new materials, materials recycling, A new material) Reworked material. New material due to the high cost, 25 yuan per kg, but the quality is the best. Recycling is a new material, the price is in the middle. Reworked material also is domestic plate, the price is the lowest, the quality is not good. This watch what customer chose, because each customer's requirement is different. Also need to be clear, acrylic trophy price based on the acrylic is used to do, do what. Processing difficulty level, such as a simple square acrylic trophies, and some need bending acrylic trophy, or some acrylic trophy of more complex, so the price is also slightly different. Is very much the kinds of acrylic trophies: there are companies with acrylic trophies, school acrylic trophy, social games with acrylic trophy and so on. Action, technology is not the same.
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