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You don't know the moral of crystal ornaments and useless

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-05
More and more people choose crystal bracelet, crystal shape, crystal trophy. Crystal belongs to those who had that use & other; Colorful & throughout; 、“ Glittering and translucent get rid of & throughout; 、“ Brilliant & throughout; Words to describe, extremely rich move feeling. But the natural crystal is not only beautiful, but is expected to deal with all kinds of magic power. In fact the principle of crystal is to raise the individual frequency, send and receive more information, so as to absorb the light of the universe and promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, make body healthy. White crystal transparent colorless or white crystal, good health and natural crystallization is six Angle shape, Bai Jing clan. White crystal energy, and the corresponding human seven rounds ( Refers to all parts of the body) The & in the other The crown chakra & throughout; , that is, the center of the head position, can be disease of qi in the body, black gas, from the foot, make clear man, spirit, lingering finish of career is helpful to health. Green ghosts help actively buster green represents in the cause of wealth, their energy is also the corresponding human body & other Heart & throughout; , can make personal openness, easy to accept new things, actively create, new ways of development. So for personal business, regardless of attack or defend, there is great power, a successful career, accumulating wealth and natural. Sea sapphire stable mood blue is a very precious jewel, the corresponding human body of seven rounds & other Throat chakra & throughout; , namely the throat position, can be stable and calm personal emotions, improve the language expression and understanding, helps the throat health, balance the lymphatic system and so on, a lot of good. By five lines of sapphire sea water, the most suitable for the five elements like water use and wear, more suitable for common language, conversation, voice and other industries, such as teachers and salesman. Topaz confidence topaz is a very rare, less crystal production. The energy corresponding to the human body of seven rounds & other; The sun wheel & throughout; , namely the navel and chest middle position, is the center of the support self energy. As long as wearing yellow crystal ornaments, more can enhance self-confidence, make themselves stand firm, and can promote gastrointestinal and liver health. Yellow crystal stones for wealth, corresponds to the hobby use investment, speculation. Heavy fact tea-coloured crystal reduce thinking tea-coloured crystal energy, stability and the corresponding human body of seven rounds & other; At the end of round & throughout; That helps adrenal gland and the health of the colon. For mentally active, nervousness, or do more talk less, tea-coloured crystal is their best helper, because tea-coloured crystal can help settle the individual spirit, is no longer entertain foolish ideas. Physical, tea-coloured crystal help of seven rounds & other; Under three rounds & throughout; , also called & other; Umbilical round & throughout; That refers to the location of the navel under three inches, enhance the capacity of sex and fertility, reduce or prevent insomnia. Amethyst is purple amethyst improve personal wisdom, because with the elements of iron. The energy of the amethyst, corresponding human body of seven rounds & other; Throughout the eyebrows wheel &; , namely, two eyes in the middle of the position, can improve the body of each part & other; Self-healing & throughout; Ability, help to health. In addition, amethyst is suitable in the work and the desk, help to improve personal thinking, creative ability, also can strengthen memory, intelligence. Tourmaline tourmaline and dissolve the harmful radiation of tourmaline, very beautiful, the color very much, also called & other; Watermelon tourmaline & throughout; 。 Even if the same piece of the original stone, also can have a variety of color, so the energy can be corresponding to every part of body. Tourmaline strong energy and momentum, for you to break the smouldering, caused by the negative energy, help unclog the flesh body, can cure rheumatism and arthritis.
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