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Acrylic awards customization process and future application prospects

Acrylic awards customization process and future application prospects


Acrylic awards customization process

Custom acrylic awards made from acrylic sheets or plexiglass sheets. Acrylic products have increasingly become a part of people’s lives. It can be used to make acrylic awards,acrylic stationery, acrylic desk cards, acrylic calendars, and also All kinds of product display racks, commodity display cabinets, can even become works of art and crafts. The general custom-made process for Acrylic awards is as follows:

1. Consultation stage

During the consultation stage, the customer needs to provide the corresponding drawings and dimensions to the factory. It is more useful to provide CAD or AI drawings. The size of the drawing should be marked in detail, as well as the product processing technology and materials.

2. Inquiry stage

The inquiry is based on the customer's product size, process requirements, material requirements, quantity, etc. to make a quotation. Both parties can negotiate. If the price is acceptable, the next stage of the process can be carried out.

3. Proofing stage

Proofing is a pre-production sample sample made by the factory according to the size requirements provided by the customer. The customer can put forward new requirements according to the sample situation, and the factory provides suggestions for modification to improve the later production situation.

4. Production stage

The factory conducts mass production according to samples and customer requirements, and the manufacturer must continuously provide the corresponding production information to the customer and report the production progress to the customer.

5. Delivery and payment stage

After the mass production is completed, the factory must allow the customer to inspect the goods. After the inspection, the customer pays the balance. The factory organizes the shipment of the goods and conducts logistics transportation.

It should be noted that the size and thickness of acrylic awards manufacturing will affect the price quotation of the product. During the mass production stage, the customer can negotiate with the factory and propose a small improvement according to the production situation and product effect. Or in the proofing stage, improvement requirements can be put forward, and then proofing for the corresponding number of times. The factory must promptly respond to customers related production conditions and problems during the production of large-scale goods, help customers to produce products and ensure product effects and quality.

The future application of acrylic has broad prospects

Since the birth of acrylic in the 1930s, people have never stopped in the deep processing and application of acrylic. This is determined by the excellent product characteristics of acrylic itself. 1. High light transmittance, 2. High weather resistance, 3. Good processability, 4. Good printability and sprayability, 5. Wear resistance and resistance to breakage and so on.

In the past, acrylic was relatively expensive and its performance was not good enough, so acrylic was not widely used in the production and processing of industrial products, and the initial custom acrylic trophy were mostly boxes and baffles. With the development of the times and technological progress, the production process of acrylic has been greatly improved, and the overall performance of acrylic trophy awards has become even better. The acrylic sheet produced has improved qualitatively in terms of light transmittance and weather resistance. The acrylic sheet is more crystal clear, more wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. The number of Acrylic products continues to increase year by year, combined with a variety of manufacturing processes, acrylic is widely used in various display products, display stands, display cabinets and acrylic awards.

The level of bespoke acrylic trophy has also evolved from simple processing of daily necessities to more high-end display products and display props. The development of modern science and technology gave birth to more display technologies: LED lights, LED displays, projection technology, 3D stereo, various audio equipment, magnetic levitation technology, variable light strips and so on. Greatly enrich the content and scope of acrylic award plaques. Acrylic becomes the best material for processing customized display products, display stands, display cabinets, display windows and other display products. It is believed that with the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of human consumption level, the future of Acrylic products will be brighter and broader.

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