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Three trophy cups are waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo ! Golden Globe, best striker, best player

Three trophy cups are waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo ! Golden Globe, best striker, best player


Despite being replaced by Sarri in the 62nd minute, Ronaldo once again found himself one of the hottest candidates for the Golden Globes. The Ballon d'Or is the best award of FIFA, and it is also UEFA’s European Footballer Award. As far as Cristiano Ronaldo's performance last season, he is still a player in front of the Ballon d'Or. His personal achievements, team honors and his distinctive characteristics have allowed him to win a place in the competition for the Ballon d'Or.

Cristiano Ronaldo is an important player for Juventus to win the league championship and the Italian Super Cup. At the same time, his performance in Portugal is also shocking. In the first European League, Portugal, where Cristiano Ronaldo is located, will be able to reach the finals and face the Netherlands. Portugal's thrilling victory allowed Ronaldo to win another championship trophy for the national team.

In the league, Cristiano Ronaldo is Juventus's first scorer. He ended his Serie A season with 28 goals and 10 assists. In the end, the Italian Football Association named Cristiano Ronaldo as the best player in Serie A. He deserves this title. From the perspective of individual competition or the influence of the league, Ronaldo undoubtedly helped Juventus and helped the entire Serie A league.

In the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo still maintained his dominance, completing an unprecedented horror data of 125 goals in 100 games. As a scoring genius in the UEFA Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo has never disappointed. This is why Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to have the opportunity to impact the other two honors: the best striker in the UEFA Champions League and the European Player of the Year (ie European Mr. Golden Ball) !

Among them, the European Player of the Year and the Golden Globe Awards are also based on Ronaldo’s success in Portugal. He played a hat-trick in the semifinals of the UEFA Europa League against Switzerland! Last year, Ronaldo only got the best striker in the Champions League.

All these statistics and performance mean that Ronaldo is a contender for the sixth Golden Globe Award, the third UEFA Best Forward Award and the fifth European Footballer of the Year Award in his career.

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