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Why Art Glass Awards Are Preferred?

Why Art Glass Awards Are Preferred?


When purchasing an award, trophy, plaque, or trophy to honor the excellence of those people in your companies, schools or any organizations, acrylic, glass, and crystal awards are all possibilities. The materials of these three kinds often look similar at first glance. However, each kind of material is unique and used for different purposes. Key differences between acrylic, crystal and art glass awards include: chemical makeup, weight, impact resistance, scratch resistance, light diffraction, workability, and price.

How to Differentiate Art Glass Trophies from Acrylic and Crystal Ones?

1.Material composition

Although acrylic, crystal, and art glass look similar, they are completely different on a chemical makeup level. Acrylic awards are made of a synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate (MMA). Actually, acrylic is technically classified as one type of glass and defined as thermoplastic. Acrylic is considered as the most chemically diverse material compared to crystal and art glass. Crystal and art glass trophies are alike when it comes to their chemical makeup. Both crystal and glass are made of sand, sodium carbonate, limestone, and a few other additives. What makes crystal and glass different is the lead content in their composition. Crystal possesses a higher lead content while glass contains nearly no lead.

2. Weight

It's also a relatively scientific way to identify these three kinds of awards by holding each of them in the hands. As acrylic is thermoplastic, acrylic awards are usually the most lightweight ones. Based on the designs and shapes of crystal art glass awards, the weight of these two kinds of awards differ. Nevertheless, compared to the glass trophy of equivalent form and dimensions, the crystal one is heavier due to its high-end lead content.

3. Impact Resistance

It’s not surprising that the acrylic award is much more impact resistant than crystal and art glass trophies. It is known that acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass in the aspect of anti-impact performance. Crystal and glass will be more likely to shatter into pieces when dropped. In general, crystal is considered as the least impact-resistant substance and it’s incredibly brittle.

4. Scratch Resistance 

As acrylic is a much softer material, acrylic trophies are more prone to scratch and damage. On the contrary, crystal and art glass trophies have tougher surfaces that tend to be far more scratch-resistant than acrylic. But the thing is when the crystal and art glass awards are sustained to some scratches, the damage is usually irreparable, while scratches on acrylic awards can normally be buffed to retain its original shine due to the soft and malleable acrylic material.

5. Lighting Diffraction. 

With regards to the overall look, among the most noticeable difference between acrylic, crystal, and art glass is the aesthetic appeal. Light beautifully sparkles, glitters and shimmers as it travels through the crystal awards and eventually is diffracted. Conversely, acrylic and art glass trophies do not diffract light.

6. Workability 

All three materials can be designed or customized into diverse incredible shapes and intricate designs when it comes to making various trophies and awards. Acrylic and art glass can be made into any shape due to their flexible materials. Crystal is much softer than art glass, making it perfect for carving more complex shapes of three-dimensional effect rather than molding them.

art glass awards

Why Art Glass Awards Are Preferred?

Art glass awards are some of the most high-quality awards to bestow to someone for a few reasons:

1.  Weight

Art glass trophies tend to be much heavier than crystal and acrylic trophies. If people are holding a trophy that is weighty in their hands, they will feel the significance and meaningfulness of the trophy.



Art glass awards can be personalized in diverse ways. The basic form of glass awards is sure to impress recipients and on-lookers who will marvel at their detailed shapes. Companies and associations may work to custom art glass trophies that reflect their information and identities. All glass awards can be carved with recipients’ names and other personal information, which elevates the meaning of the awards.

3. Beauty

Art glass has a unique, elegant look that makes itself the perfect fit for a classy, professional environment. For example, the timeless sparkle of a standing art glass plaque award is a great choice for corporate or organization.

Art glass awards are appealing. The glass material serves as a medium that captures light, which easily grabs people's attention.

Art glass trophies can contribute to an amazing return on investment. Presenting people with glass trophies can help to improve their loyalty, retention, and productivity. Works of art inspire happiness and can bring a sense of peace and calm to the beholder. The refinement, allure, and artistry of unique art glass awards will definitely be loved by people.

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